January 28, 2022

About Us

National Awareness Times is an Indian English-language weekly newspaper which is also called as India’s National Weekly.

Owned by the Indian Observer Group, National Awareness Times is one of the leading newspapers in thecountry by circulation. According to Indian Economic Development Forum, it ranks among the rapidlygrowing English-language newspapers in India.

National Awareness Times has taken giant strides in the world of print and digital media since its humblestart in 2013. In the inaugural year itself, India’s National Weekly got the approval from the Registrar ofNewspapers for India (RNI) as the government body had ensured its registration.

National Awareness Times covers news from all segments including politics, education, sports,technology, business, entertainment, economy, health and International.

Our Founder

Harbhajan Singh

Late Shri Harbhajan Singh was an Eminent Indian Journalist. He worked as an editor in Indian Observer, started by his father Sardar Durlab Singh and ran his own bollywood weekly called The Film Mirror.

He founded National Awareness Times in the year 2000  and  was unanimously elected as the President of All India Small and Medium Newspaper Federation.

Chief Editor

Deepak Singh

Deepak Singh is a known figure in the Education and Journalism Industry. He is working as the Editor in Indian Observer and Chief Editor in National Awareness Times.

He has been elected as the Cultural Ambassador of Seychelles in India for his work and leadership.  Under his leadership, The National Awareness Times has crossed a readership of 4 lakh. 


Gaurav Singh

Gaurav Singh is Editor of The National Awareness Times. He joined the magazine in 2014 as Deputy Editor (Operations) and then was Executive Editor.  For his work towards NRIs and the Society, he has been elected as the President of the Youth Wing of the NRI Welfare Society of India.

He has also been appointed as one of the Directors of CloseOut Marketing (Most renowned Ad agency of New Delhi).